Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What are YOU living for?

So many times in our daily lives, we get caught up in earthly things. I'm not talking about just the material things, but the thoughts that consume our mind 24/7. Don't you think our thoughts should be set on the one who has given us this great life? For me personally, I constantly find myself thinking about what state will I travel to next week for work? What will my future classroom look like and what grade will I be teaching? When will it be my time to turn my love of crafting into a business? Where will I be this time next year? It's "earthly" thoughts like those, that will push us farther and father away from our father in heaven. I should not be concerned with my life on earth, but instead should redirect those thoughts to know that I am living my life for Christ. I am his and he has my future in his hands. So friends, I challenge you to the following: when you find yourself consumed with thoughts of what this life holds for us, remember the verse above and know that ultimately we are living for our forever home with HIM in heaven! 


  1. This is what I needed to read today! :) Thanks girl. :)

  2. Beautiful post!



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