Wednesday, January 8, 2014

35 Things I've Learned

If you've been following along on this little blog journey of mine, you know by now that when I graduated from college last May, I took a 10-month position working for my sorority as a Traveling Leadership Consultant. This little journey of mine is halfway over and it's hard to imagine that in 5 short months I'll be home for good and won't be on the road visiting a new state or college every week. When I came back on the road this past Saturday, I went to a school that was within driving distance of my home so I had a good 3 hours all to myself to reflect on the past five months and how I've changed as a person. It was weird to me a few weeks ago when I sat waiting to board my last flight home for the holidays. There are no words to describe the way that I felt but I had changed. I've always considered myself pretty mature for my age but sitting there I felt like a true grown up. For the past five months I had experienced things that pictures nor words will ever be able to convey to someone else. I have lived in cities and towns that I never knew existed. I've learned that sometimes when you take a job you have no clue what you are truly getting into, but you quickly immerse yourself and fall in love with every aspect of the position. And I've learned that if you allow a journey to impact your life, it will truly change you for the better. 

I thought it would be fun to give you all a little photo montage of my life for the past 5 months. I also thought it would be neat to let you in on some of the things I've learned while traveling; some funny, some personal, some inspirational. With that, let's take a little journey down memory lane:

1. It is possible to gain 19 new best friends in 3 short weeks. 
2. God will always send you where you need to be. 
3. Staying up till 4am training a rising leader is so worth it when you finally see the sparkle in their eye and they understand what you are talking about. 
4. Taking 30 minutes out of your day to call loved ones is important to keeping your mind from not burning out. 
5. Airports are the best for people watching.

6. Airlines that still provide peanuts, pretzels, and drinks are my favorite. 
7. If your carry on suitcase doesn't get checked under the plane and you are worried because you cannot lift it over your head (ie it weighs 43 pounds), just look confused when you get on the plane and 99% of the time a nice gentleman will help you place it in the overhead bin.
8. The beaches in New Jersey are very different than those in North Carolina. 
9. Eating at local places makes me feel like I'm at home.
10. Having a good cry every once in a while is okay, and most of the time it will make all your worries go away.

11. Staying in touch with friends gets much older as you age but it is important to make the effort to catch up and talk. 
12. It is okay to ask for help. 
13. Never, ever stop empowering people.
14. Working together as a team is a must.
15. Dogs are seriously a gift from above!

16. Honesty is key.
17. I still don't like the look of pine needles on a college campus! (Weird I know!) 
18. Washing your makeup off your eyes every night is key...or else you'll get an eye infection!
19. No matter where you are, you can always see the sky.
20. Shrimp sauce/white sauce/yum yum sauce...yep, they are just a southern thing and people will look at you like you're a fool if you ask for it up north!

21. Even when you don't feel like you're making a difference, you are.
22. The leaves in the Midwest during the fall are ten times more beautiful than those in North Carolina. 
23. Worrying gets you no where in life. 
24. Prunes and cream cheese can make the world go round. 
25. Reading a card that says "thank you for your help and inspiration" will make any day brighter.

26. Money can't buy you happiness.
27. Double names from the south are still my favorite!
28. Family is everything.
29. North Carolina "south" and Alabama "south" are two totally different lifestyles!
30. Small town comfort can never be beaten.

31. Being a majorette is the coolest thing since sliced bread and something I wish I had done growing up!
32. No experience is ever too bad that you can't learn something from it.
33. Don't always judge a person based on your first impressions alone.
34. Props to models, modeling is hard!
35. Hearing the song "Sweet Caroline" will always make me feel like I'm at a Carolina Tar Heels football game!


  1. What a fun opportunity to have after college! It looks like you had a blast and I couldn't agree more with #22.

  2. It looks like you had a FULL five months! How fun :) And these are all good things to know!

  3. I love this post and all the pictures! It sounds like you are having an amazing time and it sounds like a really fun opportunity to have! Great 35 :)


  4. Love this list and love that your a ZTA! Such an incredible opportunity!

  5. Love this list! Part of me wishes I could have been a TLC after graduation. Of course, it would never have worked out with my wedding this summer, but it would have been such a wonderful opportunity! I know you are rocking it!

  6. What a neat opportunity and so many great things learned!


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