Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Coffee Talk

Over the past few weeks I've been thinking about a consistent blog post that I wanted to do on a weekly basis and this weekend it finally hit me..."Coffee Talk" on Mondays! This will be my one rambling post a week to share with you just about anything I'm enjoying over a cup of coffee! 

Lilly Pulitzer Sale: Did anyone else have their alarm set early this morning to wake up in time for the big Lilly sale? I made sure to log on last night and be sure everything in my account was correct so that this morning I could just shop away! Did y'all get any good deals? If you have not already headed on over to the sale check it out via the link below:

The Bachelor: Y'all, Juan Pablo is back tonight aka I can sit and swoon  watch as he finds his dream woman! I know, if you're like my parents you are probably thinking A) that show has so much drama and B) the track record of people finding love on that show is slim to nothing. However, I just can't get enough of it! Please tell me some of y'all out there are just as obsessed with this show as I am? It is literally marked down on my planner every single week...yep, Monday nights at 8:00pm I'm free for you Juan!

Current Dog Obsession: My current dog obsession is with English Bulldogs. Josh has always loved them and wanted one but I didn't fall in love with the breed until the past month. A pet store back home has had an English Bulldog puppy in the store for a few weeks and we've played with him twice. Needless to say, I'm hooked and want to buy one ASAP when I get off the road.

Devotional Book: Josh and I are starting a new devotional together today and I am so excited! This book is one we picked up a few years ago but have just never gotten around to going through it together. We decided before I left to come back on the road that we would start this today to make us feel close to one another since we are hundreds of miles apart. I'm excited to spend time with God these next 8 weeks learning how to love him more and support Josh in his faith walk!

I hope y'all have the best Monday possible! For those of you who are getting this nasty winter weather right now, stay save and warm. I'll try and send you some warmth from good ole South Carolina. Don't forget you still have a little over a week to enter my giveaway for your own copy of Blog, Inc!

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  1. I am loving that Lilly sale! I have to say I am a little dog obsessed as well!


  2. OMG I LOOOOVE Bullies!! They are too cute! Josh and I are debating between a few breeds we want when we buy a house and they are at the top of the list :)

  3. I die over those presh puppies! So dang cute.

  4. I hope to start a blog soon, so anything I can learn would be great.



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