Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Week In My Life

First off, congratulations to Sarah for winning my first giveaway! I've sent you a little e-mail to get all your contact information so I can send you the book. Thank you to everyone who entered and thank you for helping me spread the word about this wonderful giveaway. Stay tuned over the next few weeks to see what February's giveaway will be!
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One thing I love about this blogging community is the friendships I have formed over the past few months. Every day I smile opening up my e-mail to read what you all have to say and I love even more being able to respond back to each of you. As I've gotten to know some of you, you have asked more and more about this awesome job I have as a Traveling Leadership Consultant. With so many questions I thought it might be fun to let you into a little sneak peak of what a typical week is like in my life! (I'll apologize now for the possible overload of pictures that are about to happen.)

Monday (travel days):
6:00am- Wake up and get ready for the day
8:00am- Head to the airport dressed in casual business attire and ready to tackle a full day of people watching

10:30am- Board flight number one

12:30pm- Quick layover which usually involves grabbing Starbucks for lunch before boarding my second flight
3:00pm- I am greeted at baggage claim by the most welcoming signs and sisterly love in the world.

5:00pm-I arrive at my home away from home for the week and get settled into my room with other wonderful sisters!

Tuesday-Saturday (meeting days):
6:30am-Wake up and get ready for the day
7:30am-Hop a ride to the college campus (isn't this the cutest car?)

8:00am- Student Meeting #1
9:00am- Student Meeting #2
10:00am- Student Meeting #3
11:00am- Student Meeting #4
12:00pm- Lunch with a sweet sister
1:30pm- Faculty and Professor Meeting
3:00pm- Student Meeting #5
4:00pm- Student Meeting #6
5:00pm- Student Meeting #7
6:00pm- Dinner with lots of wonderful people

7:00pm- Fun Break (usually filled with intramural practice, attending an on-campus event, or watching movies with sisters)

9:00pm- Student Meeting #8 to wrap up the day
10:00pm- Answer e-mails
11:00pm- Relax, call home, blog, read, etc.
12:30am- Lights out

Sunday (Sightseeing Day)
95% of the time I will have meetings late Sunday afternoon/early night; but I love Sunday relaxation. I've been able to attend so many different styles of churches on the road and worship with people who just a few days ago were strangers. Sunday brunch has become one of my new life loves, and sightseeing on a Sunday afternoon will never get old. Here are a few of my favorite thing's I've been able to see while on the road:

Kansas City Race for the Cure 

Liberty Bell in Philadelphia 

Miss America Shoe Parade in Atlantic City 

Color Run in Augusta 

Cleaning Up Beaches in West Long Branch

Sightseeing in Pittsburgh

Meeting Miss Pennsylvania 

Visiting the home and elementary school my mom grew up in 

St. Louis Arch

To say I have the best job in the world would be a huge understatement! It is truly a 24/7 job but one that I wake up blessed to have every day. Now hopefully you all can see a little peak into my typical week :-)


  1. What a blessing to have a job that you love and that allows you to see so many amazing places!

  2. It looks like you have a wonderful job! I love all the pictures!


  3. Looks like you had so much fun!! I've always wanted to visit St. Louis' arch!

  4. wow!! definitely an awesome job.


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