Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Earthly Love

If you read my post yesterday you saw that Josh and I were starting a new devotional together for dating couples. I've always been a little nervous to post about my faith on here because I didn't want to turn people away but because of the wonderful Elise over at Cheers Y'all, I've been inspired to post about my faith today in hopes that it will inspire somebody else. 

Josh and I have been dating long distance over four years now and I honestly don't know if we would have gotten through some of our loneliest times apart without our relationship being centered around Christ. While I've been blessed with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel this year, Josh has started divinity school with the dream of becoming a youth pastor. I am so blessed by the love he shows me on a daily bases and I am thankful that I have someone in my life who pushes me to grow stronger in my faith. 

Last night we started our new devotional together, "Devotions for Dating Couples", and it's a 9 week devotion that will focus on a different aspect of our spiritual lives each week. This first week is love, and last night was powerful. 

Last night focused on the true love that God has for us. His love comes without any strings attached and is more perfect than the earthly love we share with our special someone. The one thing that stuck out to me last night was that our passionate earthly love is just a tiny, tiny, tiny pinch of how much God loves us. Just when we don't think we could love any more, well, God loves us unlimited times that. 

I'm not going to be posting about this devotional daily on here but if you would like to follow along I highly encourage you to follow me on Instagram @SouthernAbundanceBlog where I will post daily scripture like the one above! So if your dating or engaged to a special someone and are looking for a wonderful devotional to do together, I highly recommend this one! Happy Tuesday beautiful's! :-)


  1. I struggled with this when I first started my blog too. I love that you are being true to yourself and your beliefs by posting this. If people don't like it and this isn't the blog for them that's okay! (That last part may have been a reminder to myself too :)

  2. Beautiful post!



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