Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Coffee Talk {Vol. II}

Happy Monday my sweet friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend :-) Anyone do anything majorly exciting? At least the weather seems to be warming up for us and hopefully the snow up north is gone for a few weeks. Here is Volume II of my Monday Coffee Talk aka my ramblings for the week. I hope you all enjoy reading along!

Travel Day:
Today is a travel day for work and by the time you read this I'll be on my way to the airport to catch flight #1 of 2 today. I was just saying the other day how I have not flown in 27 days (due to our Christmas break) and that just feels so weird to me. My body is used to flying somewhere new every 4-7 days, so not being on a plane in almost a month has me so excited for this flight today! I've spent the last week at Francis Marion University in Florence, South Carolina but heading out to Martin, Tennessee today, via a layover in Charlotte of course.

Bachelor Monday:
Okay, I seriously need y'alls help! You know how ABC used to post the weekly Bachelor episode online the very next day? Well now you cannot watch it until a week later!!!!! To watch it the next day you have to verify your cable provider and all the ones they allow you to verify are strange one's that I've never heard of! This is where I need y'alls help: does anyone know any other website where you can watch the episodes starting the next day? My flight does not land in Tennessee tonight till 10:13pm so I'm going to miss the episode and will be so impatient to have to wait all the way till next Monday to watch tonights episode! 

Worrying gets you no where:
Y'all, let's be real...I am such a worry wart! I love being a good listener and supporting my friends but lately I've found myself being so worried about things going on back home with my friends and trials of loved ones that those thoughts constantly consume my mind. The worry causes me to not be focused on the "here and now" of the moment and causes me to lay in bed at night wondering if I was back home would things be better? My prayer this week is that God will just heal my heart and cause my wondering mind to stay focused and to know that all our lives are in his control. 

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