Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Why I Took A Blogging Break

If you've been around these parts for long, you might have noticed that I only posted three times in May...yes, only three times. Don't get me wrong, there were many times that I sat down to write a post or brainstorm ideas, but every time I was left with little to nothing and a desire to remind myself that blogging wasn't the most important thing in the world. Every day I wanted to blog but I found myself being happy and content with what was around me; not what was in a computer screen.
You see, after coming off the road from traveling on April 29th I was faced with a "new world"; one that was different than what I had grown to know over the past ten months. Finishing up my travel as a TLC meant I was coming home and it meant my life was changing. I was no longer working a 7am-12am job, there was no need to be behind my computer 24/7, and quit honestly my brain just needed a break from technology. 
So here they are, the reasons why I took a blogging break and why it is OKAY for YOU to take one too (should you ever need it):
LIFE & FAMILY // No matter how many minutes or hours we sit behind our computer screens, life continues to happen all around us. While I was on the road, I relied on technology to fully connect me with my loved ones at home so I found blogging to be a way for them to feel closer to me. However, as I got home those family members were no longer behind a computer screen but were actually right beside me. For me taking a break from blogging meant that I got to adjust to life back home and that I got to make up for lost time with my family. 

JOB // Since my job as a traveling leadership consultant was only a 10 month position, I had to turn my focus away from blogging and to finding a job in the education field. I spent the month of May researching schools, attending job fairs, applying and interviewing for jobs. There are normally three hiring waves in North Carolina for teachers: one in May, one towards the end of June, and one again in late July/early August. I set a goal for myself to be hired by the second wave and what do you know, I actually got hired in the first wave! (More details to come soon on the new job!) Taking a break from blogging meant I could focus on finding the perfect job. 

WEDDING PLANNING // The first three months of Josh and I being engaged I was on the road so all of our wedding brainstorming had been done via phone calls and Skype dates. There was a one week gap between his last grad school exam and him starting work full time so we took that one week and traveled the state in search for our perfect wedding venue. During this time I did not have to worry about taking time away from him to create a blog post but instead got to focus on our future together and live in the moment of excitement with him!

ENJOYMENT // I am not going to lie, those first few days off the road it was a real struggle for me to blog. Every time I sat down to do it I felt of it as an obligation and not fun as I had found it on the road. I had so much on my to-do list that blogging felt like dragging my nails down a chalk board. When I started blogging back in September, I read several bloggers who said: if you ever felt like blogging was losing it's enjoyment just stop. Stop and enjoy life around you and when the spark comes back it will come back. Well, that is exactly what I did and can fully say that blogging is enjoyable again for me. 

So here I am, opening my little heart up to y'all and being real about why I feel it truly is okay to take a little blogging break. For now though, a Bojangles biscuit is calling my name ;-)


  1. its always ok to take a break from blogging. When I feel like I need one I just do it. When I'm ready I come back to it. Blogging is a lot of work. You gotta constantly keep your readers posted on your life because you're constantly sharing what's going on and on top of that in order to keep readers coming back you gotta make sure you're posting constantly. Faithful/loyal readers will always stay no matter. That's how I see it.

  2. I completely agree with Jasmine! I'm glad to see a new post, but I'm equally grateful that you recognized a need for a break.

  3. It's so nice to take a blogging break every now and then!! And I love your approach! My blog, my rules :) :)

  4. Hey we all need a blogging break !

    Sometimes life happens so fast and we forget we need a break from things that don't necessarily matter as much as others.

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