Monday, June 2, 2014

May in Pictures

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that this month there was a lot less posting than my usual 2-3 pictures per day that had normally been happening since September. Some people asked what happened but to be honest I was just enjoying life while trying to be less consumed with the technology around me. Since coming off the road of traveling, I promised myself that I would use the month of May to get life in order and start planning for the future (more on both of those tomorrow). I took the time that I've missed with my family for the past 10 months and soaked up every minute I could with them. May also held two exciting week long adventures: the hunt for our dream wedding venue and my reunion trip with the other amazing girls who traveled this past year alongside me on the road! So here are a view pictures of the moments I loved in May:
1 // I finally got to attend a Wake Forest Divinity School function with Joshua and meet his wonderful friend James.

2 // I completed my DIY wedding binder and cannot wait to post about it on the blog soon

3 // Josh and I started our wedding venue tours

4 // Spent the day in downtown Wilmington, NC

5 // Loaded up on my favorite hot dogs in the world (from Trolley Stop)

6 // Had a wonderful, but sad, good bye brunch with my sweet TLC sister Rachel (Sequins and Subways) who left for her new job in NYC!  

7 // Showed off some of my favorite arm candy (Lemon Lime Creations plus 5th and Ashland

8 // Celebrated Mother's Day in my new Mint Julep dress

9 // Headed out to New Orleans for the weekend

10 // Traveled over to Seaside Beach, Florida to spend a week with my TLC sisters and had fun creating pyramids on the beach

11 // Was treated to a surprise Bachelorette night with my TLC sisters

12 // Attended the wedding of my sweetest high school friend

Whew, May was full of travel, relaxation, hello's, and goodbyes but what a wonderful month it was! If we aren't already friends on Instagram, come find me and follow along on this beautiful month of June that lies ahead of us :)  


  1. Looks like May was a much needed relaxing, laid back kind of month. Still love that your friends threw you a Bachelorette night while y'all were at the beach!

  2. That looks like a great month! May is always full, but yours looks like it was full of all good things :)


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