Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Our Dream Venue

Well, I have made you wait long enough but I am finally excited to announce the dream venue that Josh and I have booked for our wedding! A few weeks ago you all read my post "The Hunt for our Dream Venue" and learned that we visited a total of 9 venues across the state of North Carolina. Well here it is.....drum roll.......  We are getting married in Benson, North Carolina at the beautiful Preston Woodall House!!!
Seriously y'all, this place is beautiful and my little heart knew it was the place as soon as we stepped foot in the front door. I tried to take so many pictures while I was there but none of the one's I gathered can truly do it justice so I've also pulled off some from their website for you all to enjoy!
Main Entrance of the Preston Woodall

Our ceremony will be held outside in the wedding pavilion

The Cora Lily Ballroom were our reception will be held

We are so excited with the fact that our entire wedding party plus parents will be able to stay on site the entire weekend with breakfast served to everyone on Saturday and Sunday morning! Me and my bridesmaids will stay in the actual house in beautiful rooms. Here is an example of one of the rooms:

 The following room is actually the bridal suite where I will stay and get ready the day of!

The other thing we really loved is that there are actually 3 cottages on site and each have 3 bedroom plus 2 baths. We will use these cottages to house our parents, groomsman, and other important out of town guest! It is going to be so wonderful to have our entire bridal party on site the weekend of and not having any of them worry about driving to and from a hotel! 

Well I hope that you have enjoyed the first look at what has quickly come to be our dream venue! 
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  1. What a gorgeous venue! Y'all will have such a pretty wedding there :)

  2. That is such a beautiful venue!


  3. BEAUTIFUL venue. Can't wait to see your day come together!

  4. beautiful :-)

  5. That pavillion looks magical! Will your wedding be in the Fall?

  6. Wow, I LOVE it! I wish I could find somewhere like that with rooms for the entire weekend

  7. You all will love this! I did a few weddings here as a Wedding Planner Intern and they were amazing to work with!


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