Sunday, June 1, 2014

NEW! Southern Sundays

Happy June y'all! I cannot believe that in 30 days we will be halfway through! Anywho, I am so so so excited to get the ball rolling on a new weekly post that I am extremely over the moon joyful about. During my travels over the past year, there were so many times that I came across a tradition, word, way of life, etc. that up until that moment I thought was a common thing across the country only to find out it was just a southern way of life. These fun findings have inspired me to create a new weekly post called "Southern Sundays" that you guessed it, will be posted on Sundays. Behind these post I hope to bring to life some fun sayings, recipes, cities, and things to do if you ever visit the South!

My first official Southern Sundays post will debut next Sunday (June 8th) but until then, if you are someone who considers yourself a southern blogger and would love to be featured on this blog during these post please contact me at: :) I'm looking for anything from post on your favorite southern city, where you live now, your favorite southern saying or recipe! I cannot wait to come back here every Sunday and share with y'all a little bit of my southern heart! 

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