Monday, February 3, 2014

February Goals

Happy Monday beauties! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I'm currently watching the snow fall here in New Jersey and let me just say, I thought North Carolina snows were beautiful until I witnessed this amazing show God's putting on here today in the North. 

Well, since it's the first Monday in February I thought I would discuss with you all my goals for the month. If you read my post on January goals you saw that each month I was going to share with you all my blogging and personal life goals. For blogging goals I accomplished 4/5 (which I think is pretty great!): I purchased by first layout from the beautiful Jana Tolman Design, I created a Facebook fan page (just have not launched it yet), I hosted my first giveaway, and I signed up for the Blog Baton (even though I have not heard a response back yet). The only goal I did not achieve was blogging 20 times (I hit 18) but I was still very proud of those 18 post. I hit 4/5 on my personal goals as well: I did better at staying in tough with friends by sending snail mail, texting random day brighteners, and picking up the phone more often to call and see how everyone was doing. I completed and submitted my NC teaching application, I only bought two "wants" this month (both under $25) so I drastically lowered the amount of money I spent on the road, and I've done much better at living in the moment and not focusing on where I'll be next. The only goal I did not achieve was the reading of two books; I read one and I'm halfway through the other so that's a start!

Now on to my February goals:

What are your February goals?


  1. Great goals :)
    I want to grow my blog audience, as well as find more bloggers to interact with. I'm thinking about doing a small giveaway, once the hubby and I get settled into our new place!

    I'm in NC! We got a couple inches of snow around here, not much - but it was beautiful to watch fall!

    God bless,

  2. Daily me time is key...and you can do it reading blogs-- knock two goals out at once!


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