Monday, February 17, 2014

Snowy Valentine's Weekend Recap

How was your weekend sweet friends? I hope each of you got to enjoy it with someone you love and had lots of down time to catch up on relaxation! Thank y'all so much for all the sweet comments you left me on Friday's post. I'm so glad that y'all enjoyed looking at pictures of Josh and I through the years! This past weekend I was still in Pennsylvania for the majority of my time. Let me tell y'all, I have seen more snow in the past three weeks then I have in my entire lifetime...and I loved every minute of it! So here is a look into my snowy and fun filled Valentine's weekend:

 We went sledding!


and lots of sledding!

 I spent Valentine's Day handing out these beautiful balloons!

 I learned how to trust those driving on the icy roads

 At the biggest plate of sausage gravy and biscuits twice...yep no regrets here!

And saw the largest icicles that literally formed on every house!

Then yesterday morning I hopped on a plane and am now soaking up the sunshine in good ole' Florida! Stay tuned tomorrow to find out how YOU can impact a little boys life on his upcoming 11th birthday! Happy Monday friends :-)


  1. Mmm, biscuits and gravy are so, so yummy!! And I love sledding, but I'm not going to lie, walking back up the hill is not my favorite part :)

  2. I wish it would snow like that where I live! The biscuits and gravy look delicious and those icicles are amazing, I can't get over them!



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