Friday, February 14, 2014

Five on Friday: Valentine's Edition

Happy Friday and Happy Valentine's Day! I'm excited to be celebrating one of the first major holidays of 2014 and even though I'm not at home, I'm sending lots of extra love back to my favorite people in North Carolina today. Today's a little bittersweet for me as this is the 5th Valentine's Josh and I have celebrated together but also the first that we don't get to be together. 502 miles separate us today but I can promise you that won't stop us from have a wonderfully long Skype date tonight! (Oh modern technology, I am so thankful for you!) So today I'm linking up with my favorite ladies for Five on Friday and I'm doing this post a little differently than normal. Today is all about looking back on the past five Valentine's I've spent with Joshua. Enjoy :-)

one// 2010
Our first Valentine's Day came a little over 3 months into us dating. We spent the weekend in Chapel Hill and got to experience our first snow fall together. We ate dinner at a Japanese restaurant and then had a snowball fight outside his Carolina dorm room. 

two// 2011
Valentine's Day number two was spent having Josh as my date to my sororities date function. The theme was "Famous Couples" so we went as the red and green M&M. Pretty clever right?

three// 2012
By 2012, Josh was interning as a youth pastor so we spent our Valentine's weekend skiing with 30 youth group members in West Virginia. Luckily no broken bones happened! 

four// 2013
Valentine's our senior year of college was celebrated with hearing the acceptance of Josh getting into grad school at Wake Forest! 

five// 2014
And since we aren't together today for me to snap a picture, I made Josh a little surprise montage of many of our pictures together. This is what I sent him earlier today, so if you have 4.5 minutes to spare you can take a little laugh at how much our looks have changed in the past five years!

Valentine's Day 2014 from Alyssa on Vimeo.

Happy Valentine's day to all of you, my sweet sweet friends! 


  1. My fiancé and I went to WFU love love that place! Go Deacs + Happy Valentine's Day! Xx.

  2. Stopping over from the link-up! What a sweet post! I love the idea of a recap of 5 past V-days! The M&M couple is just too darn cute and sooo creative! Love it! Hope you manage to have a wonderful Valentine's day (and weekend) even though you're not in the same place!

  3. This is such a sweet post!


  4. So cute! I love the M&M costumes. That was clever. :)

  5. Love the look back at your past Valentine's Days together!! I wish I was that organized with my photos :(

    Happy Friday, pretty girl!!

  6. Aw, love seeing the pics of you and your love :)

  7. Cute post on your Valentine's Day celebrations of the past few years - such a fun idea! Happy weekend :)

  8. Y'all make my heart smile!! Hope you cute lovebirds had a fabulous weekend, dolL! xx


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