Friday, February 7, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! We made it through the week and in just a few short hours it will be the weekend, wahoo! I'm linking up again with some of my favorite women for my usual Five on Friday post. Thank you April, Darci, Christina, and Natasha for hosting this every week!
one// Sarah Jessica Parker cards at Hallmark
I think it might be the southern soul in me but I sure do love me a good handwritten note. Pair that note with some beautiful stationary and my heart just smiles! I travel with lots of stationary on me as every college I visit, I normally leave behind 3-5 thank you notes (so you can imagine I'm going through cards like wild fire). Last night I popped on over in to Hallmark mainly to find Josh a Valentine's card and the worker persuaded me to buy Sarah Jessica Parker's new stationary box set. I'm not too crazy about the price of $12.95 for only 10 cards but I do love the high quality that they are. 

two// 2014 Winter Olympics
The Winter Olympics start tonight, need I say more? I'll admit that I get more into the summer games than I do winter, but nothing will ever beat the opening ceremony of either. I think the main reason I love the opening ceremony so much, is for one night the entire world seems to be unified. 

three// Birthday
Y'all, this past week my little sister turned 19! Where has the time gone? It did not hit me until her actual birthday how quickly life goes by. She will be 20 in less than a year now and my mind still cannot comprehend that. To me, I feel like we should still be those little girls with cow licks in the top right of this picture. This was the first birthday that I've been away from her for and it was a lot harder than I originally imagined but I sent her lots of love and goodies throughout the day!

four// Godly Friendships
Four years ago this summer, God sent the most amazing lady into my life that has now become one of my very best friend. Emily Sue and I worked at mission camp together for 8 weeks in 2010 and were not that close to begin with but after that summer a beautiful friendship began to develop. My friendship with Em is one of my most prized relationships on this earth and I was more than honored to stand beside her this past August as she married the love of her life in what was truly the most unique wedding ceremony I've ever seen. Over the past few weeks all of her wedding pictures have finally been seen and it's without a doubt that I am so thankful her photographer captured the shot below. I knew there was nothing more I wanted to do than pray for Em and Derek right before their marriage started and it was such a highlight of the day for me. Thank you God for such a beautiful friendship that is truly centered on you!

five// $75 Sephora Gift Card Giveaway
Lastly, don't forget you have until 11:59PM on Sunday night to enter for your chance to win a $75 gift card to Sephora! I know you don't want to miss out :-)
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  1. I am with you on handwritten notes! I love the pictures of y'all praying together. It is amazing who we grow close to together in friendship and faith and the results of that bond.

  2. Handwritten notes are definitely the best! And loving all of these sweet pictures!

  3. love handwritten notes too. and so sweet you got to be a part of your good friend's big day! thanks for the giveaway :)
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  4. Handwritten notes really are the best!


  5. Hello from the link up :) Happy Birthday to your sister!! Praise God for the sweet blessing of friends/sisters in Christ! Proverbs 27:17 ...Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend!

  6. Just found your blog!! I'm reaaaaal new but I love your sweet post about your friend's wedding!! I'm getting married in June and I would die to get a shot like that xo, Megan


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