Friday, October 11, 2013

Writers Block and Five on Friday

Hello Sweet Friends! 
Oh my has been almost two weeks since I posted and I am incredibly sorry. Sometimes life just comes at you so fast and you can't even find time for yourself. Over the past two weeks on top of working a job that is no where close to 9-5...meaning I have meetings all during the day and sometimes till 11 o'clock at night...I experienced a little bit of a writers block. I guess with being a new comer to the blogging world I was trying to fit in and find my place among people who had been blogging for months and years. This caused me to have a writers block because well, I didn't have the experiences they did to write about. However, after some thinking and forward planning, I've come to realize that I can only be myself and thankfully learned very early on that you cannot compare yourself to others. So here's to a more personal blog and planning ahead so that I can deliver wonderful reads!

Since it is Friday I'm participating in my favorite link-up: Five on Friday with A. Liz Adventures!

Even though Survivor is on it's 27th season, I just cannot stop watching. I remember when season number 1 came on...I was in the 3rd grade and it game on a Thursday night right after I was done with Girl Scouts. Survivor is one of my guilty pleasures when it comes to TV shows and you might be amazed to know that I have never missed an episode. Yep, you heard that right! If I can't watch it when it airs I watch it as soon as it is put up online. This season has me hooked more than in the past and I'm loving the dynamic of loved ones competing against each other! Any of you out there big Survivor fans?

Excitement doesn't even begin to describe what I felt yesterday when I finally had a moment to shop and get my new fall/winter boots! Going into the mall yesterday was the first time I've been shopping since July 9th...yes you heard that right! With having a consultant job going from one school to the next you depend on the college students you are working with to drive you places. Yesterday was my lucky day as these boots were on sell and just in time for me to hit the road up North come next week!

I'm currently loving the fact that I downsized the amount of clothes I am traveling with! That picture above was taken on day 1 of this new job of mine on July 9th. 3 months later and I have learned what I do and don't wear. Needless to say, tomorrow a big stack of clothes are being sent back home to my wonderful parents and hopefully my suitcases will become a little bit lighter!

New iPhone 5s: loving that come my Thanksgiving break this beauty will be mine! I've have had my iPhone 4 for 2.5 years now and held on to my upgrade this past spring just to wait for this new release. Only problem is I cannot decide between the black or the white and gold. Which do y'all like best?

I'm so excited that my job has me in South Carolina during the state fair. Since I am so close to my home state of North Carolina, several of my family and friends are driving down and picking me up so we can go spend the afternoon and night in Columbia experiencing all there is to see, eat, and do at the fair. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that there might be a surprise ticket waiting for me to go see Hunter Hayes in concert...a girl can only dream right?


  1. I like the gold iPhone 5s the best! Hope you have a great weekend at the fair!


  2. Good idea on staying true to yourself, I can totally relate!! Sometimes it's very easy to get caught up in "blog world" and worry about your content in relation to other blogs, but you just have to post your fun stuff and go from there! I always like to have a few running drafts to evenutally post....

    Love the boots and the gold iphone

    & the fact that you still watch survivor!! I fell off the wagon a while back but I'm trying to catch up this season, we'll see!


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