Friday, October 25, 2013

Five On Friday (Hey from Pittsburgh!)

Happy Friday my sweet friends! I'm writing to you today from the ever so chilly city of Pittsburgh! (More about that in a second!) With Friday comes my favorite link-up to participate in is Five on Friday with A.Liz Adventures!

My November work schedule came out yesterday and we get a whole 9 days for Thanksgiving break! Not only do we get over a week off but...I'LL BE HOME FOR MY BIRTHDAY! I am so excited to be reunited with my wonderful family after what will then be 4 months away from home on the road and finally getting to have their loving hugs 24/7! 

Currently I am in the chilly city of Pittsburgh...well actually about 20 minutes outside of it on a Pennsylvania "mountain"...but we will just say Pittsburgh for the time being! I'm not used to weather this cold in the middle of October! We have seen snow flurries and my body has been trying to adjust quickly to the cold without making itself sick. Look at the low for tonight...burr!

T H R E E 
So if you've been following my blog you probably have seen where I am just 110% in love with pageants! I grew up participating in them and still to this day get excited to attend them, judge them, or meet queens. Well, yesterday the school I am working with right now held a 12 hours of Pink event for breast cancer education and awareness. Using some connections we had, we were able to get Annie, Miss Pennsylvania 2013, to come for 4 of the hours. It was such an honor to be with her during the day and to walk her around campus to meet those who had been affected by breast cancer. 

Last week I got to work at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey! Let me tell you, I was sadly one of  those people who always associated New Jersey with what was seen on Jersey Shore...but let me be the first to say: if you allow your heart to feel something different about a place it will quickly fall in love. The state of New Jersey grew on me every day and I was very thankful to spend a few days on the beaches of Jersey leading young women to become better leaders!

Last but not least, I am excited to sight see downtown Pittsburgh tonight and tomorrow. Here are a few things on my list that I'm dying to get to:
1. Mt. Washington and the inclines
2. Andy Warhol Museum 
3. Botanical Gardens

What are YOUR plans for the weekend?


  1. That's so exciting you get to spend Thanksgiving with your family! It sounds like you have had a wonderful week!


  2. Hi Alyssa! I live about three hours away from Pittsburgh and man, does it get cold! I'm so glad you had a great week, hope it continues on to this one as well! xoxo

    Majda |


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