Monday, October 28, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Pittsburgh

One thing I love about my job is the fact that literally every 4-9 days I am getting to explore a whole new city! Today I'm saying goodbye to Pittsburgh as tomorrow I head out to Missouri. This weekend I got to experience Pittsburgh both in the day and at night and I seriously love this city! Not until I came on this visit did I realize that there are foothills/mountains in Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh was just voted the number 1 livable city in America and now I can see why! The downtown city skyline is nestled on this harbor that just appears to you after your drive through a tunnel in the mountain. It is such a beautiful sight to see. Here's a little review of what I got to see and do this weekend in case YOU ever find yourself wandering in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh:

Isn't this the biggest ice cream sundae you've ever seen?!?!

Mt. Washington Square

Riding up the incline

Yummy brunch at Pamela's Diner 

Point Park

What did y'all do this weekend friends?


  1. Happy you had fun here in Pittsburgh!!! I love it here!

  2. PS - was that sundae from Bucca?!?!

  3. This looks like such an amazing city to visit! I love all of your photos!



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