Monday, March 3, 2014

Disney in 6 Hours

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to take a little side trip from work and got to spend 6 hours at Disney World! Yes, I know what you are thinking...only 6 hours? But let me tell you, so much can be accomplished at Disney World if you go at the right time of year and have a trusty sidekick: aka someone who is a season ticket holder and knows basically everything about the parks! So on my afternoon off, my sweet friend Sam and I traveled to Orlando and spent the late afternoon and night at Magic Kingdom. You would think after becoming an "adult" the magic of Disney would be lost, but in a sense I think its even more magical because for that one day you get to be a kid again. 

There was hardly anyone in the park and the longest time Sam and I had to wait for a ride was around 15 minutes. Several of the rides we just walked right on with no wait! At one point during the night we were just walking around and I literally filmed a video to show how much of a ghost town it was. So a word to the wise: if you ever want to take a trip to Disney go on February 27th! We entered the park around 4:45 and left at 10:45 but got to experience so much more than I could have imagined. Here is the break down of our adventure together. (Quick shout out to Sam for putting up with all my picture taking as I was just excited to use my new Cannon Rebel!) 

Walked down Main Street

Had our picture taken in front of the castle with none other than Mickey in the background 

Ate a cinnamon roll the size of our faces at Gaston's 

Experienced one of the newest additions to the Magic Kingdom: Storybook Circus

Rode "It's a Small World" plus 8 other rides!

Watched the evening show up on the castle

Another picture with the castle because you can never have too many right?

Saw a model of the Liberty Bell 

Ate popcorn while watching the electrical light parade

Said goodbye to quit possibly one of the best days on record at Disney!

Shout out to my favorite person in the world (aka Sam) for taking me on this little adventure and teaching me all the insider tricks to use in the future when I return!


  1. This looks awesome! I've been all over the place but never to Disney! Josh and I are thinking it might be on the docket for an anniversary trip next year!

  2. Looks like such a great day, Alyssa!! I've only been to Disney once, and I need to go back!!! :) :)

    Looks like y'all had a good time! Xo

  3. It looks like you had so much fun!



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