Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break Rewind

WOW! That is all I can say about the last 9 days that I got to spend at home surround by the ones that I love! I am sorry for abandoning the blog for a week but life just had some exciting moments and I wanted to live in them instead of missing out. Plus, not to mention that my parents just got cable and Internet back last night from the ice storm that knocked it out 11 days ago. Anyway, here is a little recap of my 9 days at home for a break off the road:

If you missed the memo, Joshua and I got engaged on Saturday March 8th! We are both still on cloud 9 and loving every minute of this new journey that we are now on. Everyone has asked about a date and while we don't have a firm one set, we are thinking either May or September of 2015 depending on the venue. The next question has been what is our color scheme. Thanks to my dear friend Emily, we are still brainstorming ideas for this one in our head. She gave me the advice of not picking my colors right off the bat but waiting a few months to select a venue and see what really speaks to us. At the moment we have a huge front runner that we are both really excited about but still keeping options open! For those of you that have been asking about pictures/video from that is coming, I promise! Our dear friend Shelby is in the process of editing the pictures now and piecing the video together. I promise as soon as it is all done, a long post will be up about how he asked! For now you can admire the unedited picture below that Shelby was sweet enough to send our might just be my new favorite of us! 

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Josh and I traveled down to Augusta, Georgia to see some very sweet friends of ours! We enjoyed walking around the river and downtown during the day and eating some yummy Mexican for dinner with my favorite ZTA ladies. It was a short little 36 hour visit but still so much fun!

Thursday brought about dinner with another co-worker who was stationed near my home this past week. I picked her up from the school she was at and drove the short drive to Chapel Hill so she could have her first Franklin Street experience at Top of the Hill. Dinner was delicious as always!

I spent my weekend with the parents and fiancé before finally heading off to the airport yesterday morning and flying up to Pennsylvania. It is bittersweet that I only have 42 days left of this once in a lifetime journey but I am excited about the possibility of what is to come. I also can't hold in the excitement of getting home to plan the wedding of our dreams with Josh! Here's to the next 6 weeks on the road :-)


  1. Awww! What a lovely Spring Break! I always love a good meal at Topo! I hope you have a wonderful next 6 weeks until you are back in NC!

  2. So excited to watch your wedding plans come together... What an exciting time!! And LOVE that chevron cardigan!

  3. Congratulations! March 8 is my parents anniversary [ Random Thought ] but, Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations again!!!


  5. Congrats!! How exciting!! Just stumped upon your blog through the NC blogger linkup, love it!! Can't wait to read more!

    Emily @ Southern Expectations


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