Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday!

Sorry for the delay in writing another post! I have spent so much time trying to read other blogs and spruce mine up for y'all that I got behind in writing However, I promise to start doing better!

I'm super excited to be joining my first link-up party and of course it's "Five on Friday"...hope you enjoy!


Y'all, fall starts this weekend! Can you believe it?!?! I am such a fall girl that it isn't even funny. Want to know why I love fall so much? Well fall contains the following: my birthday, anniversary with my wonderful boyfriend, unlimited college football, colored leaves, apple cider, brisk weather, Thanksgiving, pumpkin carving, sweater weather...I could seriously go on forever! 


The food here in Philly is to die for! I mean just look at that french toast above, who could not love that? My joke has been it's a good thing I'm leaving Philly Monday or else I might soon go into a food coma! 


Loving the fact that I got to spend the day with my sweet sorority sister (Katie) and experience the history of Philadelphia with her. Being a history minor in college I just die inside when I get to visit monuments that are so important to our country's history. Today I finally got to visit the Liberty Bell! 


While I have really loved my time in the North, I am excited to get back down South on Monday! I've never been to Louisiana before but that's where my job has me headed for next week. Here's to lots of shrimp and good times :-)


And last but not least on the list today, my thankfulness for this handsome guy! Spending the past four years with him has been such a blessing and I am so lucky to have someone who supported my decision to take a year off after school to travel and challenge myself with my dream job. Thank you Josh for being the world's most amazing and supportive boyfriend <3

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  1. That French Toast just looks delicious, I am sure it tasted amazing!



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