Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Rewind Part 2 + A Birthday Celebration

Good Morning Sweet Friends!
Have I said lately how thankful I am for each of you? Well, in case you didn't know I am VERY thankful for each of you who read this blog on a daily basis. It's because of you all that I'm challenging myself to make Southern Abundance blog bigger and better in 2014...but more about that tomorrow. Today we have a little rewinding to do!

If you missed my Christmas Rewind Part 1 from yesterday, you can hop on over here and catch up! Now on to Part 2:

I always spend a few days after Christmas with Josh and his family as his birthday is December 26th. This year we spent his actual birthday touring downtown Fayetteville and window shopping in little antique stores. Historic downtown was still decorated for the holidays and it was just nice to walk hand in hand with one another down the sidewalks. 

After a day spent walking and shopping, we went out to eat with his family for a wonderful birthday dinner. Before dinner I decided to dig up some old pictures of him so you all could see what a cute little boy he sure was! 

On Friday I finally gave in to four years of being asked to go hunting and decided to sit with Josh for a few hours in his families tree stand in the woods. Luckily we saw no deer because I think I would have cried if he actually shot one but it was a beautiful day to watch the sunset over the vast country fields!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday :-) Make sure to check back tomorrow as I make a big announcement!


  1. I think I would cry if I ever had to go hunting with Josh. Once the deer is dead I'm fine but I don't think I could deal with seeing it be shot or shooting it myself. Cant wait for your big announcement :)

  2. I think I would have cried if I saw someone shoot a deer too! It sounds like you have had a wonderful week of Christmas!


  3. Love all your pictures! I most definitely would have cried too!!


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