Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Rewind Part 1 it really December 29th?
Where did Christmas go? Better yet where did the past week go?

Christmas morning my family and I woke up to a beautiful Christmas tree and our puppy Ben guarding all the gifts! Alarm clocks go off at 5:30am and we are all in the living room by 6:30am to follow our very specific order: 1) we always sing "Happy Birthday Baby Jesus" to remind us of the true reason for the day 2) empty our stockings 3) open gifts. Once all gifts are exchanged and opened, we load up in the car and hit the road by 7:30am to make our 2 hour drive south to Grandma's house. 

Upon arriving at Grandma's house we are surrounded by the love of 6 Aunts+6 Uncles+1 Cousin Dog+15 cousins+1 amazing Grammy! We spend the morning eating woofing down ham biscuits, cranberry sausage balls, and sweet tea. I'm lucky enough in the fact that my sweet Joshua only lives 3 miles from my Grandma so he drives down to also spend the morning with us. We file cram into the living room and pass out all the gifts and envelopes to be opened before spending more family time taking pictures together. My cousin Erin came down from New York this year and it was the first time I've seen her in 6 years, so you know my little heart was full of excitement! 

After the morning at Grandma C's, my parents, sister and Josh went to visit my Grandma B at the nursing home. Grandma B has had Alzheimer's for a little over 12 years now and does not remember who we are but she still brings a smile to my face, a glow to my heart, and tears of happiness to my face. We go into her room greeting her with hugs and are immediately told how pretty we are. Of course we brought her some new clothes and socks because every Grandma deserves to be rocking the latest styles! She sings us "Amazing Grace" and invites us all over to dinner at her house tonight where "her mama and daddy are cooking collards and potatoes". It's the same type of visit we have had for the past few years but it is one where I am thankful to hear her say "I love you" by the time we leave and grateful for another holiday spent in her presence. 

My final stop for the day was to Josh's grandparents house to celebrate his family's Christmas. I always enjoy the wonderful finger foods, his grandfather reading the story of Jesus' birth from the bible, and the exchange of old pictures and gift cards. I am so thankful that his family has taken me in like one of there own and love seeing them all. Josh and I had to take our annual tree picture once back at his house to celebrate our 5th Christmas together...y'all I can't believe it's been that many! I am truly one lucky girl :-)

I look forward to sharing part 2 of my Christmas rewind with you all tomorrow!

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  1. It sounds and looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Beautiful post!



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