Friday, May 2, 2014

Five on Friday [Catching Up on Life Edition]

Happy Friday sweet friends! Oh does it feel so good to be back in the blogging world! I know I've taken a little break for the past week and a half but with my job winding down and the teacher job search in full swing, I just had to take a few days to get my life together. However, I'm back and I am excited to have a full summer ahead to spend with each of you getting to grow this blog and turning it into the blog of my dreams. Without further ado, I'm linking up with my favorite ladies (Darci, Christina, April, Natasha) for another Five on Friday post. Enjoy :)
If you've been following this blog for some time, you know that since graduating last May I have been traveling the country as a Leadership Consultant for my wonderful sorority Zeta Tau Alpha. Well Tuesday my ten months of traveling ended and it still hasn't sunk it with me that I'm home for good and not just home on another short break. The people I have met this year, the things I have gotten to experience, and the places I have been able to see can never be summed up in words for anyone. I try so hard to describe this "job" to people and I always fail because to me it's become much more than a job; it's become my passion, my life, and an unforgettable journey. While I am still in the unpacking and adjusting back to normal life phase, I cannot wait to share some exciting parts of this journey with you all next week in a future post!

I am so thankful that I got to be home a few weeks ago for Easter Sunday with my family and Joshua! Mama's flowers in the back yard where in perfect bloom to capture this picture on our 5th Easter together!

Thank you all so much for the sweetest words over the past few weeks! It still blows my mind to be receiving comments on our blog post weeks after I put it up but they always make my day. For those of you that have been asking "where is the video?" well all I can say is our sweet friend is still working on it. However, I promise as soon as we have it back it will be up! Wedding planning is picking up a little steam and I am so excited to spend the next week and a half going to tour ten venues with Joshua...yes you read that right, TEN! We are going all the way from Winston-Salem to Wilmington and in-between! Stay tuned to my Wedding Wednesday post next week to see the list of where we are looking! 

15 days until me and 13 of my sweet TLC sisters are laying out by the beach for a whole entire week with no set plans except to get tan and laugh at all the memories we had this past year. To say I am extremely excited to see these girls is an understatement! While I have had the joy of running into a few of them on the road, many of them I have not seen since we left training in August and I cannot wait to just have girl time with them all!

This weekend will consist of studying for a teaching interview on Monday morning and running down to the eastern part of the state to see Joshua's little brother take pictures before his senior prom! What type of plans do y'all have for the weekend? Follow along with me on Instagram so we can keep up with one another!


  1. That beach looks heavenly! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  2. I could go for some beach time right about now! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Whew- ten venues sounds like a lot... but so excited for you! And that beach weekend sounds like a blast :) PS. make sure to check out our giveaway this week!!

  4. I cant imagine travelling for work that much - but glad that you made it through and are home to enjoy time with your family and fiance!! Hope you guys find the venue next week - you have a ton of options!! Happy weekend!

  5. So jelly of your beach reunion!! And it sounds like your TLC journey was amazing :) :)


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